Graphic Designer. Fine Artist. Intuitive. Moon Child. Transcending.

Hi Friends! 

Thank you for visiting  AVELADESIGN.  There's so much I want to say, but I'll keep it brief!

I know what you are thinking, why does she call herself AVELA THE GOD? AVELA THE GOD is the spirit behind, myself, the artist. The God is an extension of my physical being, who guides and encourages me in the spiritual realm.


AVELADESIGN was established in 2015 when I started taking freelancing more seriously. I started developing logos, flyers and other print-based materials upon request. There is such a market for initial branding and content creation for small businesses and startups. Being an entrepreneur myself, I loved being apart of the developmental process in laying out the ground work for a company to take off. AVELADESIGN was created especially for small businesses and startups to get affordable creative assistance and unique branding tailored to their specific business goals.


In addition to creating unique content, I explored more with painting. This sparked after I picked up a paintbrush again after years of nothing at all. It started off extremely rocky and I wasn't sure if I could do it. I took month long breaks while working, freelancing and trying to figure out my purpose. But finally, I started to be a L I T T L E more consistent with painting but I still felt lost. So after some soul searching, a move to Los Angeles, and some tough life transitions, painting started to become my therapy. I wanted to share this with other people so I created Escape & Paint, a therapeutic art experience. You can book private classes or tune in to my YouTube channel to paint along to my template based videos. 


Through it all, HERE I AM! Still creating, still evolving, still enlightening the visions of others! Be sure to tune into my YouTube channel for how-to's, chit chats, and more!


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