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“Scar Enlightened” was created out of pure rage! Have you ever been through something tragic, and realized something new about yourself? Something so new, that you couldn’t imagine who or why you dealt with anything else than your new discovery? “Scar Enlightened” birthed a new sense of self-worth and knowledge of self! Acknowledge it and keep your eyes on where you are headed!


Hang this in your living room, dining room, bedroom, bathroom or office as a reminder of who you are becoming!


aveladesign 2019 print. 12" x 17". Silk paper. Can be framed.


  • aveladesign 2019 print. 12" x 17". Silk paper. Can be framed.

    aveladesign 2019 framed print, 12" x 17" in 16" x 20" float frame.

    aveladesign 2019 original. 30" x 40". Stretched canvas.