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"Creating art is less about the finished product, more about the journey it takes you on and the person you become."




AVELADESIGN, established in 2015 is a platform created for artists by artists. AVELADESIGN's mission is to enlighten the visions of creatives and visionaries. AVELADESIGN's mission is to create a network of opportunity for new and emerging artists to build their personal brands, have access resources that connect the dots to their individual visions, and collaborate with the community to encourage self-expression across artistic forums. 

Antonette Velasquez is a painter, designer and business owner, based in Atlanta, Georgia. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in graphic design, Antonette shifted her desired medium to paint. Her goal is to use painting as a tool to facilitate self expression, within herself and patrons of art. By connecting with the community to provide private painting experiences, a new relationship is forming while reconnecting the community and the art world. Shattering her personal fallacies about normalcy as it pertains to identity and existence, Antonette has discovered the importance of individuality through her artistic journey. Her artistry has been showcased through logo design and social content creation, public and private mural art, and a personal collection of works.



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